Light Offerings

Lighting 10 Million Wisdom Lamps from the Heart


During the first month of the Tibetan new year in 2015 (Feb 19-Mar 20), Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche will lead both sanghas and lay people from around the world to perform light offerings in the 10 Million Light Offering Event at the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama – in Lumbini, Nepal. The event will also be graced by many sanghas from the temples and monasteries in and around the Lumbini Development Zone.


This event is initiated by the International Gyalwai Nyugu Association (IGNA) and jointly organized by IGNA and the China Gyalwai Nyugu Society (CGNS).


IGNA sincerely invites your participation in lighting up these wisdom l amps in Lumbini – one of the four holy places of Buddhism.

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To facilitate your participation, IGNA is organizing donation collection for the light offering event. Your kind contributions will be used to purchase the butter lamps for the event, perform monk offering as well as to support the event. IGNA and CGNS will jointly appoint over 100 volunteers to light up all the 10 million lamps throughout the entire month.


Please send your contributions to the following IGNA bank account: –


Account Name : International Gyalwai Nyugu Association


IBAN SE336000 0000 0000 5061 3189 (Euro account, number 5061 3189)

IBAN: SE57 6000 0000 0008 0121 6508 (SEK account, number 8 0121 6508)

Bank Name:Handelsbanken


Purpose:Light Offerings


In order for us to register your generous contribution and for bookkeeping purposes, please send us an email to notify us of your donation at In the email, please kindly provide:


Name of donor:

Date of bank transfer:

Donation amount:

Email to receive the acknowledgement of the donation:


Besides light offering, IGNA is also planning some other relevant activities in this auspicious month in Nepal. Please look out for our updated news.


For those of you who wish to make a pilgrimage trip to this very sacred place to personally participate in the light offering event may consider the following travelling dates:


Feb 18 – Feb 26 (Feb 19 marks the 1st day of the event where the opening ceremony will be held)

Feb 26 – Mar 5

Mar 5 – Mar 12

Mar 12 – Mar 20 (Mar 20 marks the last day of the event where the closing ceremony will be held)


IGNA will provide some Lumbini travel tips to assist travellers; do look out for our updates.


For any inquiries on the event, please send them to




Sep 28, 2014

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