Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : No Boundaries

Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : No Boundaries


Light cast away darkness.


Light cast away fear.


Where there is light, people gathers.


Where there is light, there is hope.


There is no need for words to bring unknown indivudals together to light up the lamps.


There is no differentiation to who we are and where we come from when we light up each lamp.


There is only light, clear light that cast away the unknow, the fear and all our worries,


Unknown individuals from different walks of life, from differnt countries; many of which we don’t speak a common language but we all are here to light the lamps.


We are here to light up the hope for world peace, to light up the happiness in our hearts.





Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Opening Ceremony

Infinite Lights Lumbini 2015 : Opening Ceremony



On Feb 18, 2015 evening, the opening ceremony commenced with participation from and support from the Chinese Temple, and many other Sanghas from the various monasteries in the Lumbini Developement Trust area, and is also attended by specially invited guest, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche.



The very first butter lamps were lighted using the fire from the holy flame.


There were 56 tables decorated with butter lamps along side Prince Aveue and lighting up the night brightly, the largest scale ever first time in Lumbini.


The ceremony continued at a site close by the sacred garden where it was attending by many from all over the world.



With the prayer flags flying in the air, the opening ceremony was then graced by Sanghas from differen countries blessing the event by reciting mantra in their local languages.



Ani Choying Dolma also graced the event with her performance, singing many of her well-known songs.





The Abbot of Chinese Temple, along with special guest, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche then pass on the flame from the holy fire by lighting up the butter lamps of the Sanghas.




When everyone’s butter lamps were all lighted, the whole continengent moved into the sacred garden.





As the finale of the opening cermony, everyone holding the lamps, entered the sacred garden and lined up beside the sacred pond to dedicate the merits of the event to all sentient beings to bless them with good healthy and prosperity and at the same time pray for world peace.





The 10 million lamps will be lighted throughout the one month from Feb 19, 2015 in Lumbini.

Story of the 10 millions Infinite Lamps : Travelling to Lumbini

Story of the 10 millions Infinite Lamps : Travelling to Lumbini

It was a big challenge to transport the lamps from Beijing to Lumbini. The distance between these two places is about 5000 km, across six completely different types of climate zones, from the sub-arctic to tropical. More specifically, in between the two countries stands the Himalayan mountains, the “Roof of the World.” To ship the lamps by sea would take longer time and would include many uncontrollable factors. The final decision was to transportthem by road. On December 9, 2014, there were 4 heavy trucks, loaded with 92 tons of lamps that had started its journey from Beijing.


It took the trucks 13 days to drive from Beijing to Lhasa. After resting for 5 days in Lhasa, the next part of the journey to Zhangmu continued. The trucks twice met heavy snow and it almost closed the mountain road. The Himalayan mountains were full of steep cliffs and snow. Waterfalls had frozen on the ground and formed a thick icy layer on the road, allowing only one-way passing by cars. The trucks moved as slow as a squirming line. From time to time, some huge snow balls rolled down from the hills as high as five to six-storey buildings and broke the road. They had to wait for the wrecking team to come and clean up the road. A forklift was used to shovel a “snow cave” for trucks to pass through one by one. The team took 7 days to drive a distance which only needs one day in normal situations. As the food and the water that the drivers took with them could only last for one day, Rail Lhasa had to deploy an off-road vehicle to send the food and water to the drivers as an emergency.


Even though it was extremely cold and there was a lack of food and water, none of the drivers had complained about anything. To the contrary, they did their best to help as they knew that they were doing a very special duty; they were transporting the lamps to Lumbini, where the Buddha was born, where they would be lit for the peace of the world.



The transporting trucks got to deal with many challenges during the journey which made the transportation even more challenging. But thanks to all the support that was gotten the way, while it was not smooth sailing, problems encountered were all resolved successfully.


And on 15th Janurary, 2015, the lamps arrrived in Lumbini and are all storaged in the Chinese Temple.








1000 (2)






建行账号:6217 0012 1003 5660 719



汇款后请将汇款人姓名、汇款金额、汇款时间,编辑成短信至 18501796973 ,以便登记回向。



汇款后请将汇款人姓名、汇款金额、汇款时间,编辑成短信至 18310908997 ,以便登记回向。



Dzogchen Meditation Retreat in Creta (April 3-8, 2015)

“According to the Holographic Universe Theory of Ecology, all life-forms, including the Earth and the Universe, are closely and infinitely interconnected. From this perspective, it is not difficult to understand the vital importance that compassion of an individual can have on his own happiness and those of others.

By observing and being aware of our inner world, we start to realize that true happiness begins with caring and cherishing others. The best way to love oneself is to love and cherish others. We begin to understand that if we want ourselves and others to be happy, we need to have compassion.”
—By Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche

Dzogchen or “Great Perfection” is a tradition of teachings in Tibetan Buddhism, aimed at attaining and maintaining the primordial state or natural state of mind. Dzogchen’s direct approach goes beyond cultural and religious boundaries.

Here we are inviting you to attend one week retreat in Creta, Greece. This retreat is organized by International Gyalwai Nyugu Association. The aim of the retreat is to “open the door to the mind” through Dzogchen meditation. This retreat will provide you a rare opportunity to meeting and learning with a truly great Tibetan Buddhist and meditation teacher, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche, and discover the practice of guru yoga. Rinpoche has vast experience in guiding students who are interested in looking into their own mind and who want to understand their own inner world.

In this special retreat, Rinpoche will teach on the following:
- Opening the door to the mind (Introducing the Nature Of Mind by Garab Dorje – Hitting the essence in three words
– Methods of dealing with negative emotions and habitual patterns
– Methods of developing wisdom through everyday practice
– The similarities and differences among different meditation methods o Preliminary meditation and advanced meditation
– Empowerment and practice of Guru Yoga- One to one private guide with Rinpoche

Date & Time: April 3 to April 8, 2015.
Starts from morning 8.00am until 6.00 pm. We suggest that you arrive on April 2nd. You may leave earlier if necessary.

Event place: Shores of Ammoudara in Creta Island, in “Creta Beach Hotel and bungalows“;on see side.

Languages: Chinese and English (French, Germany, or Swedish, are also available)

Fees: No Fee for the retreat itself. (But certain common costs need to be covered, so we suggest a
donation of 120 Euro to IGNA)

How to get there: Close to airport Heraklion. There are taxi and bus available.

Meals & Accommodation: We have appointed one travel agent in Germany to organize the accommodations for us, which cost about 41 Euro, per person, per day include three meals! Two persons share one hotel room. This is special price we got and everybody who participates the retreat will live very close to each other in a walking distance.

Registration: Please fill out the following the registration form and submit.

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Any questions? Please email


Registration information for participation at the 10 Million Light Retreat for World Peace in Lumbini, Nepal



The Board of IGNA organizes a meditation retreat in Lumbini on 5 to 12 March 2015. We are happy to announce the start of the enrolment to the Light retreat with the venerable Dzogchen master, Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche.

About the retreat

During the first month of the Tibetan new year in 2015 (Feb 19-Mar 20), Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche will lead both Sangha and lay people from around the world to perform light offerings in the 10 Million Light Offering Event at the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama – in Lumbini, Nepal. The event will also be graced by many Sangha from the temples and monasteries in and around the Lumbini Development Zone. – See more at:

During this month Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche has kindly agreed to teach during a specially arranged meditation retreat for about 50 people in Lumbini. If you wish to take part in this auspicious event, please register, by filling out and sending a registration form.

Please note, that the number of participants is limited to 50 people and the first to register will receive the confirmation first.

When the maximum number of participants has been registered, the names of persons applying after that will be added to a reserve list. In case of cancellations you might be contacted to see, if you are still interested to participate. The last date for registering is 30 January 2015.

You will receive the confirmation upon registration. After 30 January 2015 we will send out more detailed practical information for all the registered and confirmed retreat participants.


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5 March – 12 March 2015

Meditation retreat schedule


3 March 2015 – Arrival in Lumbini

5 March to 12 March 2015


Daily schedule for the eight days IGNA Light retreat in Lumbini


6:30~. 9:00                  Light offerring

9:30~12:00                  Practice of the Four Ordinary Preliminary


12:00~.13:30              Lunch and rest


13:30~16:00               Practice of the Five Inner Preliminaries

17:00~17:30               Devotion of Light offering


18:00~19:30               Dinner and rest

19:30~21:30                Guru Yoga,  meditation and Dharma

teaching by Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche



The place where retreat will be held:


Accommodation will be at the Sri Lankan Pilgrims Rest House in Lumbini, Nepal. It is the property of the Sri Lankan Government. The rest house is about half an hour walk (3km) from the Sacred Garden. It is a large modern place that was only recently opened in November 2014.

The rooms generally are for 4 to 5 people with a bathroom with hot water on suite.

The building has a restaurant that will serve vegetarian meals. The restaurant will be opened in January 2015.


Prices: Budget around US$50 per day.

Please note : These prices are not finalised. As the establishment has only recently been opened and the prices per person still need to be finalised. The establishment has said the prices will only be known in January 2015. Once the prices and the menu is finalised we will inform you accordingly.

A bus will be hired for transport from Kathmandu to Lumbini. The bus will leave Kathmandu early on the 3 March and return early on the morning of the 13 March 2015. The place of departure will be decided later and participants will be informed accordingly. The trip may take around 10 hours.

The buses seat 35 people. The cost of hiring a 35 seater bus is around US$500 (one way).  The price will be shared equally amongst the number of passengers. If passengers are less than 11 a tourist microbus can be arranged for around US$ 300 (one way). Likewise the price will be shared equally amongst the number of passengers.

Before registering, please read through the important information below.


Rules of Discipline

The Light meditation retreat will be held in conditions deemed to be similar as that of being in a temple. Therefore you will need to observe certain rules of discipline so that we can maintain environment conducive to inner reflection and meditation, also respecting the Sri Lankan Pilgrims Rest House as our kind host.


  • Respect all life: do not intentionally kill any living being, even small insects.
  • Respect others’ property: do not steal or take anything not freely given.
  • Be honest and straightforward: do not lie or intentionally deceive others.
  • Be celibate: no sexual activity.
  • Be alert and mindful: avoid intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.
  • Be considerate of others’ silence: keep silence in the appropriate areas and at all times during residential courses, especially in the Gompa and the dormitories.
  • Be considerate of the monks and nuns: dress respectfully (please no shorts above the knee, tank-top shirts or tight and revealing clothing).
  • Please be gentle in your behaviour and sensitive to other retreat participants.



Etiquette in the Meditation Hall

The Tibetan word for the Meditation Hall is “Gompa”. Because a Gompa is the location of study, meditation and devotional practices, Buddhists consider them to be holy places. In Tibetan Buddhist  tradition, the following modes of behaviour are considered respectful in a Gompa and we ask you to follow them while here:


  • Do not point your feet towards the teachers, the altar or any holy object.
  • Do not put Dharma materials – prayer books, texts, Dharma books or notebooks with Dharma in them – on the floor, or sit or step over them.
  • Do not lie down or do any yoga exercises in the Gompa at any time.
  • No idle chat in the Gompa.


Thank you so much for your support.

Benefits of Making Light Offerings

The Sutra of Arya Maitreya says, “Those who offer a thousand lights or a thousand blue utpali flowers or make the pinnacle of a stupa or a holy form will be reborn when Maitreya Buddha shows the deed of gaining enlightenment and will receive his first Dharma teaching.”


Offering light, in particular, is a special door of dependent arising for quickly completing the accumulation of merit and receiving great blessings. It is said in the second chapter of the Root Tantra of Chakrasamvara, who is a manifestation of Shakyamuni Buddha, “If you want sublime realizations, offer hundreds of lights.”

It is said in The Ten Wheel Sutra of the Essence of Earth (Kshitigarbha), “All comfort, happiness and peace in this world come from making offerings to the Rare Sublime Ones (the Triple Gem). Therefore, those who want comfort, happiness and peace should always try to make offerings to the Rare Sublime Ones.”

In general, all goodness in samsara and nirvana comes from making offerings to the Triple Gem, but specifically, different kinds of offerings bring you different benefits. Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, the fourth of the thousand buddhas of this fortunate eon, whose holy mind was enriched with the ten powers, announced in the Tune of Brahma Sutra Clarifying Karma that making light offerings brings you ten benefits:

  1. You become like a light in the world.
  2. You achieve (when born human) the clairvoyance of the pure flesh eye.
  3. You achieve the devas’ eye.
  4. You receive the wisdom of knowing what is virtue and what is nonvirtue.
  5. You are able to eliminate the darkness of ignorance, the concept of inherent existence.
  6. You receive the illumination of wisdom; even in samsara you never experience darkness.
  7. You receive much wealth and enjoyment.
  8. You are reborn in the deva or human realm.
  9. You quickly become liberated.
  10. You quickly attain enlightenment.

Devas or human beings who accumulate the merit of making one light offering – or even a handful of flowers – will see the fully enlightened buddha, Maitreya.

Source: Rinpoche, Lama Zopa. Extensive Offering Practice. Oregon: FPMT, 2003.

Lighting 10 Million Wisdom Lamps from the Heart

During the first month of the Tibetan new year in 2015 (Feb 19-Mar 20), Gyalwai Nyugu Rinpoche will lead both sanghas and lay people from around the world to perform light offerings in the 10 Million Light Offering Event at the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama – in Lumbini, Nepal. The event will also be graced by many sanghas from the temples and monasteries in and around the Lumbini Development Zone.


This event is organised by the Chinese Temple (Lumbini, Nepal) and supported by IGNA (updated on Feb 2015).

IGNA sincerely invites your participation in lighting up these wisdom l amps in Lumbini – one of the four holy places of Buddhism.

IMG_2335 - Kopie

To facilitate your participation, IGNA is organizing donation collection for the light offering event. Your kind contributions will be used to purchase the butter lamps for the event, perform monk offering as well as to support the event. There will be over 100 volunteers to light up all the 10 million lamps throughout the entire month.


Please send your contributions to the following IGNA bank account: –


Account Name : International Gyalwai Nyugu Association


IBAN SE336000 0000 0000 5061 3189 (Euro account, number 5061 3189)

IBAN: SE57 6000 0000 0008 0121 6508 (SEK account, number 8 0121 6508)

Bank Name:Handelsbanken


Purpose:Light Offerings


In order for us to register your generous contribution and for bookkeeping purposes, please send us an email to notify us of your donation at In the email, please kindly provide:


Name of donor:

Date of bank transfer:

Donation amount:

Email to receive the acknowledgement of the donation:


Besides light offering, IGNA is also planning some other relevant activities in this auspicious month in Nepal. Please look out for our updated news.


For those of you who wish to make a pilgrimage trip to this very sacred place to personally participate in the light offering event may consider the following travelling dates:


Feb 18 – Feb 26 (Feb 19 marks the 1st day of the event where the opening ceremony will be held)

Feb 26 – Mar 5

Mar 5 – Mar 12

Mar 12 – Mar 20 (Mar 20 marks the last day of the event where the closing ceremony will be held)


IGNA will provide some Lumbini travel tips to assist travellers; do look out for our updates.


For any inquiries on the event, please send them to




Sep 28, 2014

– See more at:



為祈禱世界和平、眾生安樂,大圓滿傳承祖師無畏如來芽尊者——慈成加參仁波切,發大菩提悲願,將於藏歷2015年神變月,2015年2月19日至3 月18日,帶領世界各地的四眾弟子在十方諸佛菩薩的總集本師釋迦牟尼佛發五百清凈願及示現娑婆世界降生之聖地-尼泊爾 藍毗尼,朝聖、發願、供燈、供僧。屆時還將特邀藍毗尼園內三十幾個國家的佛教高僧大德,與我們一起在太子像前,菩提樹下,聖水池旁,共同點燃遍照法界的一千萬盞智慧心燈,以清凈意樂普同供養來自世界各地的十方大德僧眾。


Continue reading



















诸佛之本体(法身)普贤王如来,传 → 其自性(报身)金刚持 (用一体来讲为金刚持,反体讲为五方佛) , 传 → 本体与自性无别(化身)之金刚萨埵,传 → 诸佛之力金刚手菩萨 (佛之反体功德智、悲、力显相为文殊、观音、金刚手三位菩萨), 传 →

{ 注释:以上所言是指在本初怙主证得原始法界时,从反体而讲本体空性分为法身、自性光明分为报身、其二无别而显现分之大悲周遍为化身、在如海功德之中自然具有度化众生的能力(力量); 故在显现(外相)上讲可分别安立为普贤王如来、金刚持、金刚萨埵、金刚手菩萨 ,这就是一体不同侧面的讲法 ;另从其他反体功德而讲,亦可有不同之安立方式,但并不相违,此处是简介故恐繁不述。但集聚一体而讲就是指佛(一切智智、本觉、 …… 等异名)在证得究竟果位时,佛之智慧海中自然具备利益一切有情的悲心与能力,如显宗讲的如来藏的功德等讲法,另可参见显宗《大乘本生心地观经》有相似之安立。因佛了知一切众生的根基,故为具无上密乘根性的弟子传无上大圆满。下面将介绍大圆满法在人间弘扬的情况。 }

3化身极喜金刚—嘎绕多吉副本大圆满人间第一代祖师:嘎绕多杰(极喜金刚)     获大圆满偈 640 万颂。     涅槃时传的窍诀是:《大圆满三大要语》(四大持明教言之一)。

第二代:蒋华西宁(文殊友或无垢友)     将大圆满分为心部、界部、窍诀部。又将窍诀部中摄要的心滴法分为言传和耳传,并将耳传法加注解后伏藏于印度菩提伽耶(金刚座)的东北处。     涅槃窍诀:《六种修要》(四大持明教言之二)。

第三代:西日桑哈(吉祥狮子)     其是唐朝初汉人,汉名 宋惠寿。在印度菩提迦叶取藏后回汉地五台山修持。其将窍诀部法分为外、内、密、极密四类,并依空行母授记将前三类伏藏于印度金刚座、将无上极密类伏藏于唐朝国都长安宫殿的吉祥门柱下。 其亦是莲师的上师。     涅槃窍诀:《七钉教言》(四大持明教言之三)。

第四代:加纳思扎     其取出吉祥门柱下的伏藏。     涅槃窍诀:《四安住法》(四大持明教言之四)。

第五代:布玛木扎     传承至此由布玛木扎再传下来的大圆满法归摄为《布玛心滴》。




( 1 )《布玛心滴》由布玛木扎传下来的;

( 2 )《上师精滴》是无垢光尊者为《布玛心滴》作的广释;

( 3 )《空行心滴》(《莲花心滴》)由莲师传下来的;

( 4 )《空行精滴》是无垢光尊者为《空行心滴》作的广释;

( 5 )《甚深精滴》是无垢光尊者将以上四函的内容总摄和合作的教授。

在藏传佛教中因第五函的内容是以前四函为根本,故约定俗成将其称为《四心滴》。 另宁玛巴中,有将其称为:二母(指二心滴)、二子(指二精滴)之教授。













大圆满法可分为安住心性部、无为法界部、甚深窍诀部。其中甚深窍诀部又分为外、内、密、极密四部分。下面就大圆满法的分类作进一步的简要介绍 ——



《心部 · 十八子母续》:

( 1 )如大海般的《智慧自现续》

( 2 )如太阳般的《金刚萨朵意境续》

( 3 )如狮子般的《狮子圆力续》

( 4 )如须弥般的《无字密续》

( 5 )如金轮般的《吉祥庄严续》

( 6 )如锁钥般的《应成续》

( 7 )如宝剑般的《普贤意境续》

( 8 )如戈般的《燃灯续》

( 9 )如纯金般的《珍珠镶嵌续》

( 10 )如母子会合般的《日月吻合续》

( 11 )如美女照镜般的《表诠续》

( 12 )如绳串珍珠般的《珠鬘续》

( 13 )如蛇结自解脱般的《心性自解脱续》

( 14 )如金翅鸟幻化般的《六界空广续》

( 15 )如大河般的《圆满自成续》

( 16 )如利刃般的《能破续》

( 17 )如国王天王驾崩般的《遗体燃烧续》

( 18 )如国王宝库般的《宝积续》





以上对大圆满传承及法类的简介中,对甚深义部分是以显宗的法相名词而介绍,如:“甚深空性 ”、“自性光明”等,非是用密法的方式介绍。

有者会问:此同释迦佛祖所转的二、三次传法精要无有不同?! 然而不是这样的,因密宗的见解是先要有显宗的见解作为基础,再建立密宗的自宗之见。此又会问:为什么从词句上看不出深奥的区别?!是的从词句上一时难以辨别出深奥之区别,如果用密宗大圆满自宗方法诠释,体现在文字上,一般的修学者就会略明晰一些,但有违密乘戒律,故暂以显宗法相名词介绍。







在传承上亚青寺 口耳窍诀(成熟口诀法)传承 可分为二:

一者,是由无垢光尊者为主传下来的宁体派耳传窍诀,其传承为: 法身普贤王如来 → 报身金刚持(五方佛) → 化身金刚萨埵 → 嘎让多杰 → 蒋华西宁 → 西日桑哈 → 布玛木扎 → 朗当珍桑波 → 当玛宁加 → 杰珍桑格汪修 → 加瓦相顿 → 那达曲吉 → 格热炯贝 → 桑给加巴 → 麦隆多杰 → 格玛然扎 → 龙钦绕蒋(无垢光尊者) → 晋美郎巴(智悲光尊者) → 加依涅格(如来芽尊者) → 邬金晋美曲吉汪波(华智仁波切) → 诺西龙多丹毕尼玛(纽西龙多仁波切) → 昂格汪波(堪布阿琼仁波切) → 仁珍旺修(昌根阿瑞仁波切) → 龙多嘉参(喇嘛阿秋仁波切)。

二者,是由龙萨娘波尊者为主传下来的龙萨派耳传窍诀 , 其传承为:法身普贤王如来 → 报身金刚持(五方佛) → 化身金刚萨埵 → 嘎让多杰 → 蒋华西宁 → 西日桑哈 → 莲花生大士 → 佛母依西措嘉 → 仁珍顿得多吉(莲师廿五大弟子之一) → 龙萨娘波 → 色朗德珍 → 扎西俄色 → 曲涅蒋措 → 朗卡蒋措 → 扎西彭措 → 鲜炯滚波 → 才翁确珠 → 涅顿翁波 → 斯朗朗加 → 曲英朗珠 → 斯朗华顿 → 根荣朗加 → 多昂丹增(昌根阿瑞仁波切的叔父) → 仁珍旺修(昌根阿瑞仁波切) → 龙多嘉参(喇嘛阿秋仁波切)。

其两者主要不同之处在于,口耳窍诀(成熟口诀法)引导中,龙萨派最初有按下根修止的方法而引导,宁体派主要以上根方式直接进入胜观的修持,但二者在胜观及其以上教授是一致的。 亚青寺是将以上两种传承和合而传,以接引不同之根基。

大圆满传承祖师仁珍晋美郎巴(持明无畏洲)有这样的授记: 我的《大圆满光明心滴》传承特点是 —— 儿胜于父;侄胜于儿;孙胜于侄(此处的“ 孙 ”指的是侄儿的侄儿)。 此 ‘ 孙 ’ 的辈份即是指 —— 堪布阿琼仁波切。


仁珍晋美郎巴 ( 1729—1798 )


多珠钦 · 晋美诚列沃色(第一世多珠钦仁波切)、扎察玛 · 晋美加依涅格(如来芽尊者)、门 · 克珠晋美贡珠、格孜 · 晋美俄察丹增。



其中多珠钦 · 晋美诚列沃色又培养出了许多了不起的弟子,诸如:金刚四裔、部达六法友、持名虚空十三位及持坛弟子一百名等。在持名虚空十三位中,最出色的是门杰南剋多杰,《法界宝藏论》的传承就是由他延续下来的。


晋美加依涅格(如来芽尊者),拥有如日月般的两大心子 —— 蒋阳钦哲旺波仁波切与晋美秋吉旺布(华智仁波切)。


邬金晋美秋吉旺布 (1808 - 1889 )






纽西龙多仁波切在前半期收的弟子是索甲和阿朵二位;中期的弟子有多利堪布、林达 · 洛尔科、萨恩 · 旺钦、拉卡诸珠、阿洛诸珠、色多诸珠和匹查 · 圆丹喇嘛等;后期弟子有匹查 · 白玛多吉、索朗洛布、白玛罗萨、达科 · 白玛多吉、萨恩 · 贡科等大弟子。

15更钦阿格旺波—昂琼大堪布昂格汪波 ( 1879—1941 )

昂格汪波(堪布阿琼仁波切)的语生弟子有四方四大心子(四支柱):珠旺巴钦德巴(白玉 · 直旺贝诺仁波切)、夏扎 · 白玛赤勒嘉措(噶妥 · 恰察仁波切)、益新阿惹(昌根阿瑞仁波切)、龙多 · 多吉秋雄(阿朵仁波切)。

八大栋梁弟子有:格则仁波切、堪布觉德、堪布江泽俄热、堪布明色、绒塔 · 蒋央罗萨多吉、恰扎 · 桑吉多吉、果洛 · 久美多吉、德色吉美。

十三大珠绳弟子有:蒋杨钦哲 ? 曲吉罗珠、堪布新噶、堪布波利、多仁钦仁林巴、敏觉珠古、洞果珠古、巴登益西喇嘛、 羌 · 吉美多吉、班吉堪布、邬金仁孜堪布、阿其堪布、果吉 ? 德多益喜炯内、根德饶杰堪布。(以上的弟子是阿多仁波切的笔记中记下来的)。另外还有梨丹堪布仁波切、邬金丹培、索囊、嘎桑曲尼、邬金志美、佩登俄美热、安称、江杨嘉措、憨江堪布。

还有珠古根桑年扎、色德珠古、江达珠古、甲色珠古、阿白珠古、噶玛央瑟珠古、莫查珠古、斯度珠古、文殊古、达陀任嘎珠古、瑟珠古、措朴珠古、扎玛珠古、阿贝珠古、阿德珠古、阿称珠古、阿嘎珠古、扎珠古、巴钦多吉珠古、丹增罗布珠古、夏迦珠古、图桑珠古、文波珠古、科惹珠古、董陀珠古、图汝珠古、贡觉扎巴珠古、勒西 · 愣珠珠古、邬金千阙珠古、洛珠珠古、甲波珠古、那塔珠古、邬金多吉珠古。

喇嘛弟子有措卡阿贝、卓玛泽仁、阿帝、贝炯、桑吉贡波、图汝索甲少爷、桑德、澄嘎、阿桑、扎雅 · 罗珠让佩等等。




16大成就者仁增旺修—昌根阿瑞仁波切仁珍旺修 ( 1904—1988 )

仁珍旺修(昌根阿瑞仁波切)的心弟子主要有仁波切叔父的转世吉美南嘉、晁木格卡觉 · 德钦多杰祖古(活佛)、加合社 · 贝玛嘎旺祖古(活佛)、晁木塔喇嘛堪布阿秋(白玉亚青寺喇嘛阿秋仁波切)等优秀的传承者。晁木格阿柔仁波切的弟子加合社 · 贝玛嘎旺祖古在西方及美国传法。另两名祖古在多康麦自己的故乡晁木格寺传着佛法。


按照前一世的授记,以金刚亥母的化身扎西卓玛为智慧明智母。木龙年十一月十五日日出时,在种种神奇的瑞相中生下儿子协珠丹增。昌台的阿惹仁波切(昌根阿瑞仁波切)认定为龙多喇嘛(纽西龙多仁波切)的转世灵童,并授记说:“ 将来能够领受上一世的传承。”

松吉泽仁仁波切携空行母和儿子去拜见阿惹仁波切昌根阿瑞仁波切)时,阿惹仁波切哭着说:“具恩上师(堪布阿琼仁波切)曾对我说:‘ 现在你在我面前来求法,来世我们父母儿子三人都来拜见你!’这句话指的就是现在这件事啊!” 随后便很欢喜地传了大圆满的口耳传承,并交代了前世(堪布阿琼仁波切)的传承。松吉泽仁仁波切将自己的证悟禀告了,阿惹仁波切非常高兴地说:“ 就是这样,除此以外,什么都没有!但是,这次指示只需要表示一下……” 如此等赞美的话说了很多。又对协珠丹增仁波切说:“ 你的事业将会象前一世一样。”并为他赐名为赤诚洛珠。白玉直旺贝诺仁波切也认定他为龙多仁波切的转世灵童。

阿秋喇嘛龙多嘉参 (喇嘛阿秋仁波切)

公元1945年,喇嘛阿秋仁波切十八岁时,仁波切的母亲将其供养给观音真实化身昌根阿瑞(仁珍旺修)仁波切作为侍者。由于生生世世与上师的善缘故,对上师心生不退之敬信,不退敬信增上,而发下永伴依止不离之重誓。后昌根阿瑞仁波切观诸缘起而授记曰:“儿啊!汝总依于光明心髓之教法,特依于堪布阿格旺波(堪布阿琼仁波切)此耳传甚深口诀,将有广大宏法利生的事业。”为喇嘛阿秋仁波切授近圆戒,赐名:“ 降阳· 龙朵加参 ”,成为心子。喇嘛阿秋仁波切以三欢喜承侍其根本上师昌根阿瑞仁波切四十三年。

喇嘛阿秋仁波切于公元1985年,建第二德山亚青邬金禅林能依及所依,后渐为藏汉各省数万人传授大圆满法之殊胜引导,有众多弟子显现出成就及成佛之兆,圆寂后遗体出五彩舍利、彩虹贯空、遗骨成水晶及自生佛像等。亚青寺授记中,未来将有众多弟子虹化而去。亚青寺 —— 亚青邬金禅修圣处。始建于公元1985年,由大圆满成就者喇嘛阿秋仁波切住持。主传宁玛巴大圆满实修教法 ( 耳传窍诀 )  —— 极密心滴部之车却(直断)、脱嘎(顿超)。并严格要求弟子闭关实修。哎玛!佛祖班玛桑巴瓦(指莲师)记:未来利他用以大慈悲,赐予似心甚深稀有法,诞生朵康下区丛卓地,吾化色拉阳智(宁玛派著名的大伏藏师之一,为忿怒莲师的化身。)著密释, 汝置化众十万密严刹,不可思议利他具缘起,勿流无缘利刃三兄(即三大护法)护,清净心子阿徒(阿徒即指师尊胜名“ 阿秋 ”仁波切)愿相逢。